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Basics of Forest Carbon | Northam Forest Carbon

Role: Video Production Services

I had the joy of partnering with Tim Stout at his non-profit, Northam Forest Carbon, to create a series of videos highlighting their message. 

Difference Makers 2022 CIS Charlotte

Role: Director of Photography

I had the opportunity to work under

Loyd Visuals LLC to help tell the story of these students apart of Communities in Schools. 

UE Boom Spec Advertisement

Role: Co/Director & Director of Photography

Created with John Long to highlight our abilities to create online branding content. 

NBT Bank Commercial

Role: Director of Photography
Telling the story of The Abbey Group and their partnership with NBT Bank. 

Offbeat Creemee

Role: Video Production Services

I partnered with Offbeat Creemee to create a series of videos highlighting different plant based ice cream flavors. Here are some scenes from the social media clips cut together. 

The Opie Way Story

Role: Video Production Services

A short video highlighting Opie Way's origins and brand message. 

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