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A Fascination with Horses

When I was very young we would be riding on the back roads of my town near multiple horse farms and I would question my mother, "Can we get some cows for our back yard?" At the time I was a little confused on the names of horses and cows. I grew up a bit and the term was quickly corrected, but my question was never answered with a yes. Rightfully so as well. We lived on property that would never be able to hold a horse, much less a pony. That didn't stop my dreams, however. I grew a little older and gained a fascination with medieval knights and cowboys. The tying connection was horses. My room slowly changed to a cowboy themed room. The walls were painted a rust orange. A beautiful barn-wood bookshelf was built that still holds a small percentage of the thousands of books I read as a youngster.

But horses are still the prevailing item within the room. Whether it be a painting of cowboys galloping through a dust storm, or the book Misty of Chincoteague still sitting out on my shelf.

I have taken the time to begin photographing horses in the way that I feel them the most. An awestruck wonder. A fascination with the magnificent animal. They have always felt like they belong in some adventurous story. A companion to the hero or villain. I suppose it only makes sense that I feel this way. When my only true source of interaction with horses was through a story.

I hope you can enjoy my images of these animals and see a piece of me through them.


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