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Vermont 08-2019

My mother grew up on a small sheep farm in Vermont. Though the sheep are gone and her parents have passed on, the place itself holds more fond memories than anywhere else I've ever been.

The beautiful mountains that rise behind the home and barn, the patch of blueberry bushes, and the fields where strawberries used to be grown. These are all places that hold strong memories.

Like the time my grandfather taught me how to eat a strawberry without waisting any of it, or the time I went out to help pick blueberries and ended up eating more than picking. Memories of swimming in the river, catching trout, and cooking it over a fire. Wonderful memories of listening to my grandparents tell stories, or my mom talk about how she grew up. The escape of going for a walk and looking at the stars, or sitting on the porch and watching the birds.

The world there is an oasis for me and I am grateful for that escape.

Every time I go I want to capture it in even more detail, but despite the thousands of photos I have taken there, they will never fully tell the beauty and joy that the place brings.

I hope you can look at these images and enjoy the heritage I have grown up with. I hope you can feel some part of the joy that I have felt there.

I want to say thank you to my aunt Joni and uncle Ron for keeping this beautiful place in the family and allowing me to share it with people I am close to.

PS thank you to Reilly for letting me point a camera at her during the entire trip.

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