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A quiet walk in spring. 5-2-19

Early May in the North Carolina Mountains can be some of the most beautiful weather mixed with early or late showers. On this fine spring day, I traveled down the Blue Ridge Parkway with, of course, my girlfriend. We walked around Price Lake and stopped by the cows grazing in the nearby fields. The clouds kept darkening and brightening trying to decide whether they wanted to clear up or downpour.

As I come to one of my final springs in the NC mountains, I find myself wanting to soak up the area and energy that living here provides. The 4 years I have spent here has made me take for granted the beauty I see every day. My perspective quickly changed since I found out my summer will be spent in a city.

In photography classes there are many times people are put down for photographing the mountains. It seems almost cheap because it is so readily available. It seems cheap until we are reminded that not everyone has access to this beauty. The mountains are not to be take for granted. They are beautiful and the scenery offers itself to be photographed, so why not capture it.


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Michelle Sullivan
Michelle Sullivan
03 มิ.ย. 2562

I'm so glad that you are taking time, slowing down, and seeing all of the beauty that is around you. I have to admit my favorite picture is the one with the back of Reilly's head. I am sure she was so happy to be with you and to be out in nature.

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