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Laguna Beach, Florida 5-26-19

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

To kick off my summer, before moving to Charlotte to work, I traveled down towards Panama City beach to attend a conference put on by RUF. The week was relaxing and revitalizing. I forgot about my camera for the first few days and tried living without creating images for the week.

As someone who lives in the mountains, it is easy to forget the magic of the ocean. The terror one can feel if you swim far out enough so you can't touch the ground. The power and vastness of the ocean is quite unfathomable. As I swam, I was in constant wonder of what was beneath those waves and swells.

I found myself getting pinched by crabs at least twice a swim. At one point, while laying in the sand looking at the moon, I felt something push up against my back. I stood up quick with a cry and found a crab scurrying away, probably annoyed with my covering of his home.

There is something about the need to create images. It slowly creeps back like a low tide. Then before you know it, it's washing over your mind. I found myself doodling in my downtime as this need was creeping in. Soon after, I charged up my camera battery and began shooting. Thankfully my girlfriend doesn't complain or fight my need to photograph. In fact she encourages it. The photos I took were mostly in the middle of the day due to the scheduled activities at sunset. I found them beautiful nonetheless. The bright blue skies and the beautiful ocean with lightly colored sandbars.

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