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The Appalachian State Sustainability Farm 4-22-19

On Earth Day this year I traveled to Appalachian State's Sustainable Development farm. My Girlfriend is studying SD at App State and wanted to show me where she gets to spend most of her class time.

We tromped over the different fields and looked at the old condemned farmhouse and barn. We stopped by the cows as they grazed. We watched the new pigs shyly run around their fenced in forest playground. As we traversed the land, my girlfriend proceeded to tell me about the different things she is learning. We stopped by a tree she had cut down and walked past the place her class had found Morrell mushrooms.

I brought my camera along merely by chance. I enjoy photographing while I experience new things. It forces me to stew on different details and return to the place later through the editing of the photos.

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Michelle Sullivan
Michelle Sullivan
29 May 2019

Looking forward to viewing your work and getting your perspectives on life and your passions.

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